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Product discovery workshop - USA & UAE | Figzol

Discover the Undiscovered

Discovery Workshop

Our Consultancy will enable experts to transform your valuable ideas into tangible concepts, enabling you to start your venture like never before. Figzol is ready to act as a launchpad for your next take-off

Business growth consultant - USA & UAE | Figzol

Growth that Matters

Growth Consultancy

New Venture wanting to make heads turn or Old Businesses evolving into something revolutionary, No matter at what stage your business stands, Figzol will give a thrilling boost to your business.

Sustainability Consultancy in USA & UAE - Figzol

Sustainability at Core

Sustainability Consultancy

Sustainability is our next Challenge and also the next Solution. Whether you are a Startup with a gleam in your eye or an established Enterprise with a vision for a better future. Figzol’s Sustainability consultation will help your organization to become Cleaner and Greener for the world

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Your startup has anything Tech?
it needs everything Figzol

education technology - USA & AUE - Figzol

Education Redefined


EdTech, has experienced a sudden boom, and it’s nowhere near to slow down... so why wait?

Retail technology - USA & UAE | Figzol

Revolutionising Retail

Retail Tech

Green Supply Chain, RFID integrations, AI-driven analytics, are just a tip of the iceberg. Revolutionize your retail business with Figzol

marketing technology solutions - USA & UAE | Figzol

A symphony of Marketing & Technology


Ready to take your marketing game to the next level? Figzol's martech solutions will help you do just that.

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E-Commerce is here to stay, but moving towards evolution. Launch an e-commerce store, with Figzol as a Launchpad

business intelligence (1)

Data Driven Decisions

Business Intelligence

Unlock the full potential of your business with our Business Intelligence services. Let's mine the data before it explodes.

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Metaverse Development Company in Malaysia & Saudi Arabia | figzol

What is Metaverse?  

  What is Metaverse?   The Metaverse, as explained below, can be defined as “an interconnected network of three-dimensional virtual worlds.” Metaverse is derived from the two Greek words Meta, which means “Beyond.” and Verse, which is extracted from the word “Universe.” Combining the two makes you understand that “Metaverse” is designed to be unique and not worldly.  It is a hybrid of many technological aspects, such as virtual and augmented reality, in which users “live” within a digital realm. These worlds are accessible by using a virtual reality headset, with users navigating the Metaverse via eye movements, feedback controls, or voice instructions. The headset immerses the user, generating what is known as presence, which is developed through creating the physical experience of being physically there. We may observe the Metaverse in action by playing popular massively multiplayer virtual reality games like Rec Room or Horizon Worlds, in which users interact with each

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What Are We Upto....

A Glance At Our Articles, Case Studies, And Actionable Articles

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